There’s No Reason to Rush Into ‘Love’

There’s No Reason to Rush Into ‘Love’

Raise your hand if you’ve ever started dating someone too soon after you got out of another relationship, only to find that you and your new partner have ended up exactly where you left off in the previous one.

Don’t worry, others reading this have their hands up as well.

Some of you might be confused since “too soon” carries a different meaning for everyone.

What I mean by “too soon,” is that you jumped into another relationship before you even had the chance to move on..before you took the time to drop the baggage from your past relationship & keep it in the past..or before you were prepared to find the person who will ultimately bring forth a relationship stronger and more loving than any in the past.

If you go into a new relationship with the same outlook you’ve had in previous ones, how can you expect anything to be different?

By holding on to the bricks from past relationships, you put the odds in failure’s favor from the beginning.

Change your mentality and enter your next relationship without the pre-existing doubts or fears.

It may not happen on the first try, but don’t get discouraged and think that something is wrong with you, since your partner might be dealing with the exact same problem.

Before any relationship can be successful, both hearts need to be prepared for it.

Save yourself from the pain of unneeded heartbreak and take your time.

You’re worth the wait. Trust me.

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