Stagnancy is a Dream Killer

Stagnancy is a Dream Killer

“Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75” – Benjamin Franklin

A lot of of people go through life doing the bare minimum and then wonder why they struggle to meet their most basic needs.

They decide to play their role in the system that has been designed to keep them in their place.

They get comfortable with how things are and make no effort to do any better for themselves.

If you’re not making it a point to consistently make strides towards improving upon your skills, your health, your mindset, etc., how can you expect to dominate your sector in any way?

Without putting the effort in to grow on a regular basis, you shouldn’t even expect to compete.

You’ll always be far behind the rest until you make the investment in yourself.

Point blank: Stagnancy is a dream killer.

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