Personal Brands – 4 Reasons Why You Need One

We’ve all seen it – you get a notification that some random person with thousands of followers just followed you on Instagram.

You’ve never heard of this person, but when you look at their profile you see that the posts are related to your interests..

So you follow them back.

We’re living in a world where individuals, just like YOU, have the ability to make a name for themselves and make a living utilizing social media.

Mascots are dead – people want to work with people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a creative, professional, service provider, or entertainer.

No matter what it is that you do, the 4 reasons below should be convincing enough as to why you need to start building your personal brand.


1 | You’re an expert at your craft

I don’t care if you’re a personal trainer, real estate agent, music producer or aspiring romance novelist..

Regardless of whoever you are or wherever you are, you have a specific talent, skill, or just see something a certain way that no one else in the world can see.

So let’s face it – you’re an expert in AT LEAST one area of your life.

If you really dig deep, I’m sure you’ll find plenty – some a million times more valuable to society than others.


2 | You have the tools

Chances are you’re reading this post on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

It’s entirely possible that your friend tweeted this article to you after they came across it scrolling down their Instagram feed.

I just named 5 different tools that you have access to, with a few taps of your fingers.

All it takes is signing up for an account on a social media network like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or one of the many others who already have millions of eyeballs waiting to consume your content.

Once you sign up, pull out your camera or hit the app store and grab one of the many free photo or video editing apps and start putting together your content with ease.


3 | You have the money

Let’s double back to the last sentence in the previous section..

I mentioned that after signing up on a social media network you “pull out your camera or hit the app store and grab one of the many free photo or video editing apps and start putting together your content with ease”.

All of these social media sites are free to sign up on.. There are plenty of 100% free (mixed in with dozens of premium) or mostly-free apps right on your phone that you can download right now and start making videos and graphics with absolutely free of charge.

Yeah, you can pay to boost your posts or run ads on these different social media platforms, but none of that is completely necessary if you don’t want to spend the money.

Realistically, the only investment here is your time – well, that and buying a phone, but a high percentage of people reading this likely already have an adequate iPhone or Samsung that’ll get the job done!


4 | You want the freedom

When successful in creating your own personal brand, a new world of opportunity will be opened up to you.

Depending on engagement rates and following size, other brands will pay you to post and promote their products or services.

Especially if you already use them or they align with your brand.

You can also take calls, respond to emails, and handle orders all on your phone, giving you the flexibility a normal 9 to 5 can’t.

Have you ever wanted to be a speaker? Starting and establishing yourself as an expert with your personal brand is one way to make that happen.


In today’s marketplace, people want to work with people – not mascots.

Right now, personal brands are winning.

And the crazy thing is it is still early in the game, definitely early enough for you to just be getting started.


Now stop reading this article – and do exactly what I say.

Take out your camera and record a 60 second video introducing yourself to the Internet. Talk about and establish yourself as an expert in whatever it is you feel passionate talking about.

After you record the video, download the app called “InShot (iTunes/Google Play)” from the app store where you can edit and add text however you’d like to it.

When you’re done editing it, go to your social media network of choice and upload it with a caption that is relevant to the topic or whatever you discussed in the video.


Boom. You did it. You created a piece of content.

It was that easy.

The key is to do this on a consistent basis and it will naturally become easier and more efficient.


Not sure where to get started with your brand or what types of content you should be creating?

Let’s talk!

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