Why You Need to Establish a Brand Identity

If you were playing a game of word association and Wiz Khalifa came up, I can pretty much guarantee that the first word ANYONE will say is cannabis related.

This is what happens when you have a clear brand identity.

From day one, Wiz rooted his brand in cannabis culture and to this day is regarded as a “weed rapper”.

As an artist, entertainer and brand period – the first thing you’ll want to do as you begin to grow your audience is to establish your brand identity.

You need to have a clear vision and purpose that you’ll use to build a theme around.

It’s not uncommon for people to build their brand around a gimmick, but when you choose to go with a more authentic persona, it can prove to be easier and in turn create a stronger connection with your fans.

This is something that Wiz recognized early on and capitalized in an era of backpack and stoner rap that would rock the suburbs throughout most of the 2010s.

The biggest benefit to having a clear brand identity is that you’ll never have a problem creating content.

You’ll always know exactly how your visuals should look across your graphic and video content.

The sound of your music, how you dress, think and act are all key components of your brand identity.

As your audience grows and you begin to build more brand equity, having this identity will open up new monetization opportunities through collaborations with brands you already use on a regular basis.

Yes – I’m saying you can get paid to use products and services from the companies you are already paying your own money to.

Remember Taylor Gang and everyone walking around wearing Converse Chuck Taylor’s after Wiz became a pop culture icon?

I don’t have any numbers to tell you exacrlt what number was on the check that was written to Wiz for this collaboration between the hottest name in hip hop at the time and Converse, but I think we’re all in agreement that it was more than the average person takes home on an annual basis.

The power of building your brand upon a clear foundation like this from the start not only makes your life easier for content creation but it can bring a nice check down the road.

What is one product or company that you identify your brand with as an artist & would be a perfect fit to collab with? Let me know in the comments below!

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