They Said I Couldn’t…So I Did

Les Brown said it best, “don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.”

We all have made this mistake before, and many of us continue to make this mistake on a daily basis.


A Diamond in the Rough

How do you respond when things don’t go the way you planned?

What if I told you that little to nothing you plan for will ever go how you think it will?


Become A Success Magnet

There seem to be a lot of people in the world who believe that in order to be successful, all they need to do is say & believe that they are going to be successful.

The problem with that is they are only half right.


Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had times in our life where we said we were going to do something and we never ended up doing it.

Some people talk so much to the point that others stop believing what they say.


Fear is the #1 Killer of Dreams

You’re never too old to live a little.

No matter how old you are, I’m willing to bet you have a dream.

Whatever that dream is…is it really that big that it’s worth you being afraid of pursuing it?


Confidence is Key

Did you know that self-confidence will lead to you being more attractive?

Not only physically, but mentally, as well.

Crazy, right?