I’m a Creative Entrepreneur, Rule Breaker, Frame Smasher and the Chief Creative Officer/Partner of D6Media, a brand development and deployment agency based in Phoenix, AZ that specializes in helping lifestyle, personality, and celebrity brands dominate their markets.

At an early age, it was obvious that I didn’t fit into the frame of “normal”. I was different from my classmates and friends. Between building my first website at the age of 8, running an all-summer-long rummage sale in my parent’s driveway in the 5th grade, and launching my first design business while still a Freshman in high school it only made sense that I become an entrepreneur. In fact, the idea of going in debt to earn a college degree and working a lame 9-to-5 job never even crossed my mind.

Despite having clear creative and entrepreneurial tendencies throughout my entire life, I was often told that doing “my own thing” was the wrong and would only lead to failure. You can probably relate – maybe it was your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, or someone else close to you who told you to play it safe and take the smart route.

Breaking the mold of average isn’t easy, especially when carrying the weight of expectations that have been placed on you by the people closest to you.

My mission is to help you realize your full potential and escape the box – er, frame that society has said you are supposed to conform to.

What frame do you need to break free from? I’d love to help.

The life you want comes when you decide to go get it

– Jordan Gilman

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